August Newsletter - See a Sunrise and a Sunset

Posted by Mindy Tulsi-Ingram on 4th Aug 2022

August Newsletter - See a Sunrise and a Sunset

When my son Aaron was eight years old, my sister Pome and her husband Fred invited him to come and spend the summer with them at their home in Switzerland.

My sister (fourth inline of 10 kids) was named by the rest of us “Swiss Police” that is because Pome is precise and a true Swiss at heart. Steve and I thought it would be a great experience for Aaron.

Upon Aaron’s arrival they called us to inform us that he had arrived safely and was settling in. During that phone call we sensed that Aaron was nervous and already felt the “police” atmosphere. He said to me “Mom could you please change my flight to come home tomorrow?” My heart sank.

I said yes absolutely, however, he must see at least one sunset and one sunrise before I would book his flight home. Thankfully when we spoke the following day, he said he was going to stay! Aaron had so much fun, learned many new things and even got to travel around Europe with Masi Pome and Uncle Freddy.

Sometimes we let our emotions, judgements and first impressions take over and we make hasty decisions whether it is with family, friends and even work events like the company BBQ or beach day or anything else. It can be the best time of all. Besides, we might learn something new.

One of Aaron’s chores was to clean his room on the weekend. And he came to her and said that he was done. She asked him “Did you wipe the bedside table and lamp?” In he goes and comes back out. She asked him if he wiped the windowsill. In he goes again. He went back each time and cleaned his room until he met her standards. Such cleaning lessons I had obviously failed to teach my eight-year-old.

Enjoy the beautiful weather, its summer get as many sunsets as possible and the sunrises, linger longer... you may even learn something.

The most beautiful Swiss tradition that I learned when visiting my sister Pome was the Swiss culture of toasting. You look the person in the eye when you toast in any setting. A beautiful gift of your recognition and acknowledgment; the gift of your presence.

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