Custom Gifts


Looking for a more personal touch? Does your recipient have allergies or a favourite drink? We can put whatever you'd like in one of our beautiful custom boxes!

Start by selecting a price point, then please give us a call to go over specifics.

Some things to consider when ordering a custom gift:

Does your recipient have food allergies or dietary restrictions (e.g. Kosher, Halal, gluten-free)? What are their favourites? Do you want to include wine, spirits, or cigars? Who else should you be considering with this gift? (e.g. recipient's spouse and/or kids, the whole office team, etc.) What is your budget, and how would you like to allocate it?custom-box.png
Customization provides the opportunity for your Company to personalize and experiment with a variety of gift selections.
The recipient will feel special and valued knowing that extra thought went into the selection of their gift.

Personalized Unique Gifts

Allows you to experiment with a variety of gift selections and products

Add a handwritten note or small personalized attachment

Lessen time lag between event and receipt of the gift to maximize impact

Create an element of surprise by shipping the gift to the recipient’s office or home

One tasteful gift item can have more impact than an entire gift basket


Cheerful gifts and gifts that promote wellness and well-being are always valued


 Supporting Local Artists increases your Company Image

Creates a web of economic and social relationships

Entrepreneurship fuels economic innovation and prosperity

Small businesses give back to the community through sponsorship or donations

Increase customer satisfaction and drive repeat business

 Protect the Environment

Eco-friendly gifts are recognized and appreciated

Eco-friendly and tasteful packaging allows you to stand out from many commercially packaged gifts, and is especially important now in the time of social media postings

Stand Out by Demonstrating your Company Culture and Pride

A prospective customer feels valued when receiving a thoughtful corporate gift when you display your willingness to go the extra mile

Demonstrating to an existing customer that you value their business improves business relationships and strengthens their loyalty, leading to a continued partnership