Move-In Gifts

 Say Thank You Like You Mean It

 Buying a new home is a huge expense. For most people, a home is the biggest purchase they will ever make. We believe it is important to acknowledge this.

 Since 1993, Green & Green has been creating custom gifts that help developers and realtors say thank you like they mean it. We offer comprehensive gift-giving services that help you stand out with your clients.

 As gift consultants, we ask the right questions. Every project is unique from its genesis to completion. That’s why we offer customized residential move-in gifts filled with local, organic and sustainable products. 

 Green & Green, we make personalization easy.  Just provide us with your company logo or a personal message, and we can pad print, engrave, sandblast, stitch or embroider the gift to suit your needs. Individualizing your gift in this way will ensure everyone remembers you. 

Call us at 604-689-5027 or email us at to custom create gifts within your budget and theme to suit your unique requirements. Each gift is accompanied by a customized card, printed with your message and company logo.