Gift Services & Gift Programs

Green & Green is a full-service gift company based in Vancouver. Since 1993, we have been helping our clients select the most creative, original and appropriate gift for any occasion.

 Make your client, colleague, employee or loved one feel valued and appreciated by selecting and sending the perfect gift through Green & Green. Whether your gesture is celebratory, sympathetic, lavish or low-key, we deliver gift solutions.

Internal Gift Program

Our internal program is for your employees. No one is immune from the motivating effects of receiving a thank you or acknowledgement. Saying “thanks” results in reciprocal generosity, increased productivity and inspires creativity.

Gifts range from Welcome Baby to celebrate an employee's new born (which can be customized to include a gift for an older sibling) to the Brewtiful BC to acknowledge a job well done or certification achieved.

Everyday Acknowledgements


Recognition Program: Service, Sales Incentives & Milestones


External Gift Program

Green & Green's External Program is for your prospects and clients. Gifts range from branded merchandise,  executive gifts and gourmet baskets like the Big Thank You.  We also provide awards, speaker gifts and acknowledgement gifts for guests.

Client, Supplier & Customer Relationships

 Branded Merchandise



Your thoughtfulness counts, especially when there are unique requirements to take into consideration. Our ability to customize your gift is what sets you apart. Not all gifts are equal. The more personal and unique your gift, the more you stand out! Green & Green can customize and personalize any gift. We can add champagne, scotch, whiskey, wine, books, music, or art pieces.


Sweet Swag for your events and packaged in house. We help you shine with your your gifts by taking the challenge of wrapping, packaging and delivery out of your hands. Whether its for a VIP event, an open house, a product launch, or conference gift packages we've got you covered.

Custom Gift Baskets/Gift Boxes & Hampers

  • Welcome baskets for visiting guests, Thank You gift hampers for movie locations, speaker and delegate gifts for conferences and meetings, and customer appreciation gifts. We can add logos and brand products with engraving or embroidery.

Canadian Made Gifts

Choose from a wide range and a wide variety of Canadian made gifts and souvenirsindigenous art, bentwood & pewter boxes, plates & bowlsbusiness card holdersJade, Inukshuks, hand blown glass art pieces, leather products and wild smoked salmon


embroidery.jpg engraving.jpg laser-engraving.jpg sandblasting.jpg embossing.jpg
Embroidery Engraving Laser Engraving Sandblasting Embossing
Blankets, Scarves, Tote Bags Metal, Glass, Plastic and Wood Coasters, Wooden Boxes Glass Leather


Whatever the occasion, you can trust Green & Green to deliver the appropriate gift. 

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