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As Chief Gift Officer of Green & Green Gifts with Flair, a Vancouver based company for over 24 years specializing in corporate gifts & milestone programs, Mindy Tulsi-Ingram founded a business deeply rooted in her innate culture of gift giving.

A marketer with a double major in Economics and Communications from Simon Fraser University, Mindy has perfected the art of strengthening business relationships through the supremacy of appreciation.

She shares her passion through powerful keynote presentations that ignite her audience to get the best out of others and themselves by deploying ancient wisdom on the custom of effective giving.

 Samples of Presentations

  •  Opportunity Architects: How to Double Your Goodwill.
  •  The Devil in the Details: Etiquette for Building Strong Business relationships Discover the toolkit that can help you build stronger relationships with clients and employees. 
  •  One World, Many Customs – The Insiders Guide to Cultural Differences. Find out how to avoid cultural blunders in a multi-ethnic society and monetize your business relationships.
  •  Abundance in a Box (AIB) for the Office©. How to show your employees you care and increase workplace productivity. This program will transform your staff to a team.
  •  Art of Appreciation: Strengthening your Relationships.


5 Steps to getting started with Mindy’s Keynote

  1.  It starts with a preliminary conversation/meeting to discuss your goals and objectives for the presentation.
  2. Develop a customized presentation outline for approval.
  3. Creation and distribution of the invitation.
  4. Registration and final attendee numbers.
  5. Conduct keynote

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“I was inspired and very much enjoyed Mindy's presentation of "Abundance in a Box" during yesterday's luncheon at the Rotary Womens Club of Vancouver. What makes Mindy's presentation so powerful, is that she personifies what Abundance in a Box is all about. It's a gentle daily reminder to joyously appreciate all the gifts big and small that we are given every day, as well as to share our blessings with those around us in a loving and caring way. What a great way to live every day.  Thank you Mindy for your inspirational talk”.

                                                                                    Kucki Low, Inspirational Speaker & Author

 Very inspirational. A creative way to always remember the good + positive things in life”.

 Lindsay Mitchell, YWib

 “One thing that made me Happy: Coming to your presentation and being inspired by you talk.  To walk out of your meeting with a smile on my face it very empowering for me”.

Marilyn Ellison Executive Assistant, MDA Surveillance and Intelligence

“Thanks Mindy, a great presentation - it's so easy to get weighed down when the news that sells the best is all bad - thanks for teaching us a technology for happiness”.

                                                                                      Tom Crean

  “I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you that I was both surprised and delighted at your recent address to the Vancouver Rotary Club. Surprised because there was not a hint of your use of that platform to try and promote your company. Delighted because your presentation was not only professionally delivered, but you opened my mind to the many cultural differences and hurdles involved in something I thought was so simple. A real awaking for me”.

Paul McCrea, Founder, Heritage Group of Companies