Why Us


 When you want a gift that’s exactly right.


 Let your client, colleague, employee, friend or loved one know you value and appreciate them. Give them the gift that’s exactly right. Give them Green & Green.

 Whether your gesture is celebratory or sympathetic, lavish or low-key, we have the perfect gift – and we’ll deliver it right to them!

 Here’s more on why you should choose Green & Green:

  1) As gift consultants, we ask the right questions

 To find you that perfect gift you’re seeking, we ask questions. A lot of questions. Such as: Who are you giving it to? Why are you giving it to them? What do they like? How do you want them to feel? – e.g., appreciated, encouraged, rewarded... Our approach helps solve the challenge of selecting different gifts for different occasions. For just the right gift for every occasion, you can rely on Green & Green.

 2) We’ll give you a gift program – and we’ll take the headaches out of running it

 Setting up a Green & Green gift program for your company means we take care of everything – yes, everything! – from selecting exactly the right gifts, to sourcing them from the best suppliers, to packaging and delivering them. We make sure that you look good every time you give a gift. And, our customized gift programs guarantee you an experience that’s completely seamless and hassle-free.

 3) We get your gift to the right place at the right time

 Sometimes the timing of a gift is as important as the gift itself. That’s why we are absolutely precise and painstaking about ensuring your customized gift gets to the right person at exactly the right time – and with the right presentation.

 4) We take the guesswork out of selecting the right gift

 We appreciate the hard work you put into making and sustaining business connections. We know that an inappropriate gift with the wrong message, however unintentional, can miss the mark entirely – even derail a relationship.

 Green & Green won’t let that happen to you. We help you build strong and lasting relationships by making sure that every gift you give is thoughtful, tasteful and memorable. That it’s exactly right.

 5) Our extra touches make your gifts stand out

 Your thoughtfulness counts, especially when there are unique requirements like diets, allergies, tastes or pastimes to consider. Do you want to include a bottle of Dom or a special whisky? What about cigars, or Star Wars figures? Maybe a fly-fishing magazine would be the right added touch. Our ability to customize your gift helps set you apart. The more personal, thoughtful and unique your gift is, the more you will stand out from everyone else!

 6) We ship to the world – so you don’t have to

 If you’ve got global clients, we deliver – no matter where they are! Try shipping gifts yourself to international destinations, and you’ll get mired in endless bureaucratic hoops of customs and documentation. This is complicated and annoying, not to mention consuming time you can’t spare. But with Green & Green, sending a gift overseas is hassle-free. We take care of all the international shipping requirements. We also make sure your gifts are culturally appropriate! So, whether you want to acknowledge Chinese New Year or set the right tone for a meeting with Japanese executives, we’ll help bridge the cultural gaps. We’ll see to it that your genuine sentiments are fully understood and appreciated.

7) We source the best from suppliers around the world

 Sending the same gifts year after year is just not acceptable. Sending the best gifts from around the world is always acceptable – and warmly welcomed! That’s why, over the past two decades, Green & Green has developed a worldwide network of suppliers. For edible gifts, as an example, we source the highest-quality products, ranging from gourmet French cookies and European chocolates, to delicious chocolate-covered cherries and sea-salt caramels, to scrumptious peanuts from Virginia and the smoothest, richest Italian coffee. We can honestly say that our edible gifts are as tasty as they are tasteful!

 8) Our clients trust us

 Building relationships for you means building our own relationship with you. Many of our clients have been with us since day one – that’s over 20 years of satisfied clients. We’re proud and grateful to have achieved such loyalty. And we believe we’ve done that by always practicing what we preach: We value every client, whether new or long-term, and we maintain a high standard of excellence in our work. In fact, we measure our quality by this Green & Green mantra: “We would be proud to give these gifts to our own family and best friends.”

 9) Our quality control systems ensure that we never make mistakes

 We double-check and sign off each and every gift through our three-step quality control process. That means the gifts you send through us are consistently high in quality and beautiful in appearance. You’ll never have to wonder if your gift made the right impression. You’ll know it did.

10) People will appreciate you – and your swag

  Let Green & Green help you shine! Whatever your budget, we have table gifts and swag bags to dazzle and delight at your VIP events, open houses, product launches and conferences. Check us out at www.greenngreen.com. You’ll find wonderful swag for all your events, packaged and personalized in-house with your brand – and beautifully wrapped and delivered with our special care.

11) The right gifts for all cultures

  You can count on Green & Green’s 24 years of experience, knowledge and research – including the expertise and discerning taste of our founder, Mindy – to help you find the best, most appropriate gifts. And, with us, you’ll avoid the cultural blunders and damaged relationships that can come from well-meaning but inexperienced giving. Green & Green creates winning custom gifts for any event and any culture.

12) Order your personalized gifts – online or offline

 We have what you need to impress! Visit us online at www.greenngreen.com to explore our wide range of gifts. And if you can't find what you are looking for online, feel welcome to call us at 604-689-5027 or 1-800-397-2882 We will create a charming, personalized gift from you – sure to enchant your recipient.