Craft a meaningful message and a heartfelt one to spread joy

Posted by Mindy Tulsi-Ingram on 22nd Nov 2023

Craft a meaningful message and a heartfelt one to spread joy

Forge a new era of gratitude and acknowledge the people we interact with every day, whether it’s your clients, employees, co-workers, team members, boss, or the courier guy.

Writing the perfect holiday message involves capturing the spirit of the season, expressing your warm wishes, and tailoring your message to the recipient and the occasion.

It’s an opportunity to send messages of appreciation and recognition to those who we work with.

 handwriting message card for holidays

Here are some tips to help you craft a thoughtful and heartfelt holiday message.

  1. Who are you sending the message to?

    What is your relationship with the recipient? Relaxed, informal, friendly, business, formal?

  2. Start with a warm greeting.

    Begin your message with a warm and friendly greeting. Consider using phrases like Dear “Name”, to “The Accounting Department” or a simple “Hello!”

  3. Personalize your message.

    Make your message personal by referencing shared experiences, memories, or something specific about the recipient. This shows that you put thought into your message. Your message of appreciation to staff for their hard work over the past year will be notably different from the message sent to clients thanking them for their business and support. Be genuine and thoughtful.

     a gift box with Thank you message

  4. Use Positive Language.

    The power of positivity is uplifting and can light up the season with glitter. Use words that convey warmth, joy, and goodwill. Avoid negative or stressful topics.

  5. Express Gratitude.

    Take a moment to express gratitude to your recipient. Focus on thanking the individual for their specific contribution to a project, their exceptional work, or client experience. Acknowledge the positive impact they have had on you. It may be one of the best gifts they receive, as it shows that you know and appreciate them.

  6. Keep it concise.

    While it is great to express gratitude to the recipient, keep your message concise. Long-winded messages are overwhelming.

  7. Be inclusive.

    Take note of the recipient’s beliefs or traditions by using language that encompasses the diverse celebrations during the holidays. Be aware of cultural holidays and celebrations, and because not everyone celebrates Christmas, consider “Happy Holidays” or “Season’s Greetings”.

  8. Close with Warm Regards.

    Conclude your message with warm regards or a classic closing such as “Wishing you a joyful holiday season”, “Warm wishes” or “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”. For greater impact, you could toast to their health and prosperity, such as “All the best for 2024”, or “Wishing you success and happiness in 2024”.

 special note with Christmas decorations

Special notes:

  • Text or email messages should be reviewed before hitting the send button. Re-read messages, edit, and personalize. Give your message some thought and if you are using ‘copy & paste’ ensure you edit and review the names and the content before you hit ‘send’. We have all been guilty of the “oops!”.
  • A handwritten card - Writing allows us to ponder and reflect on what we want to say and how we want to recognize the great work of the individual. It is personal. A handwritten note is always appreciated. Take the time to add a personal note.
  • If you are sending a gift, ensure that you address your card to match who the gift is for. If your gift is going to a team, ensure that you add the “Team” or “Department” on your envelope and inside the card, so the recipient knows it’s for sharing with the team.

Nothing is worse than sending someone on a wild goose chase to determine who the gift is for, or who it is from. Don’t give them a puzzle or a holiday mystery to solve. Shine with your gift and message. Remember to match the gift, name, card, and envelope to the right individual/recipient.

A word of caution

 a letter with cursive style characters

If your writing is ‘chicken scratch’ please use block print so that it can be read. Eddie Bauer changed their logo from cursive to all-caps block lettering. Following Johnson & Johnson’s lead and recognizing many children do not learn to read or write cursive in school, they simplified the logo to look more current.

Take the Time

Remember the key is to be genuine and thoughtful. Tailor your message to the recipient and let your personality shine through. Whether your message is sent digitally or on a physical card, the sentiment behind it is what truly matters and glitters.

Take the time to thank others for their hard work or loyalty. You will build, strengthen, and fortify relations into the new year. It is easy to spread joy by crafting a meaningful and heartfelt holiday message.


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