June Newsletter - Father's Day and Safety First

Posted by Mindy Tulsi-Ingram on 4th Jun 2024

June Newsletter - Father's Day and Safety First

Fathers’ Day, celebrated in many countries and diverse cultures around the world, evolved many years after Mothers’ Day to give our dads equal time and recognition.

Fathers’ Day gifts can range from practical items like tools or gadgets, to more personal items relating to their interests such as sports, fishing, golf or gardening. However, these activities may change depending upon the father’s role in the modern family.

Check out Green & Green for some gift suggestions for your father, stepfather, grandfather, or other father figure in your lives.
Activities could include families working on a DIY project together, as a productive and bonding experience. Or they can help their fathers by taking over their household chores, completing a task, or running errands.

Dads are treated to sports events (either watching or experiencing a baseball game or soccer game or football game together), fishing trips and outdoor adventure, reflecting the more traditional masculine and paternal roles, however a tasteful Fathers’ Day gift is relevant and appreciated.

No matter what you give your father, the gift of quality time is the most valued. Whether it’s sharing an activity or a meal, or just watching a favourite movie, quality time together will create lasting memories for everyone.

Family get-togethers or picnics, a special meal together or pot-luck, are all ways we can spend meaningful time together and express gratitude and love.

My dad had each of his children understand the word accident – perhaps because he worked in the British Army as their foreman in the Motor Vehicle department. He had interviews with each and every driver who came to see him when an accident occurred.

He helped the army boys/men understand his concept and definition of the accident – unplanned, unintentional, and unpleasant.

It was his Rule of Safety First – which meant safety before everything and anything. Then the explanation of the accident so that there was less remorse, increased awareness, and attention to details for all, including his 10 kids.

We can minimize the impact of unforeseen events and ensure the safety and continuity of our operations by following this general rule:

Various types of situations occur:

Unplanned – Something that occurs without prior intention or preparation. There was no obvious forethought or arrangement, suggesting a lack of preparation or expectation.

Unintentional – Actions or events that occur without deliberate intent. The person doesn’t mean for it to occur - that’s why It is often called an accident. It represents the absence of conscious intent or purpose. It can be pleasant or unpleasant.

Unpleasant – Something that isn’t enjoyable or that causes discomfort. It usually refers to experiences and situations that are undesirable, affecting the experience or the quality of the event.

There are many situations within the office and workplace environments that are beyond our control, and like the Boy Scouts' motto “be prepared” we should be nimble, ready to react and take appropriate actions to maintain our equilibrium.

Unplanned events could be:
  • An accident on your route, causing you to be late for the meeting.
  • Employee illness or unavailability
  • Child care unavailability causing you to be late or reschedule
  • Sudden weather disruption
Unintentional events can include:
  • The dreaded “reply all” to an email intended only for the sender
  • Unexpected visitor or meeting overlap causing delays
  • Printer jam or malfunction, power outage, or fire alarm
  • Coffee spills, lost item needed for the meeting
Unpleasant situations could be:
  • Forgetting to add a meeting to your calendar, neglecting to invite key people to the meeting, or even forgetting to book a room for the meeting.
  • Software glitch causing work to be lost or inaccessible
While it is impossible to prepare for, or prevent every situation, we must be alert, ready to take action, and be able to react quickly with the least disruption.

When an unplanned, unintentional or unpleasant situation or event occurs, why not share an acknowledgement or gift with those who were affected?

Select a snack box, branded item, or gift as a token of your appreciation for their role in the unfortunate circumstances.

Accidental or unpredictable events can vary in form and impact depending upon the situation, however there are many things we can do to prevent them from happening and lessening their effect.
On a broader scale, in our daily lives we should also follow the Boy Scouts’ motto and Be Prepared.

In our outdoor activities we must follow the rules, stay within the designated boundaries, post a plan and tell our friends where we are going, have supplies and emergency kit on hand, and have our cell phones charged and ready. Depending upon your situation, know that help is available, if needed.

Be aware of your surroundings.
No matter what situation you face.

Happy Father’s Day to all and here’s to safety first.