February Newsletter - A Different Kind of Love

Posted by Mindy Tulsi-Ingram on 27th Jan 2023

February Newsletter - A Different Kind of Love

It’s romance month and love is floating in the air.

Have you ever felt truly loved? What I am talking about is not romantic love, but just being loved as a person and feeling that you are cared for and valued.

I recently had a conversation with a young man who told me that he has a quick way of knowing whether or not a person was loved as a child. He said that he was never loved by his parents, and that he was kicked out as a teenager and had to figure life out on his own.

He said that he had searched for and sought shiny objects to fill his thirst for parental love. He was lucky that grandparents took him in. They saved him from the perils that he would eventually hit rock bottom – he knew that, and is forever grateful to them.

He said he does not know what parental love is, however, he sees it in the people he meets. He said they are different and fuller – more grounded. He said that they seem to have their feet connected to the earth like roots.

He shared that parental love is the most important and basic of all love and easily given with kind words and care. If you have experienced this love, you know what he is referring to - unconditional love.

Our discussion ended with an agreement that with an abundance of this love, kids will leave home with the cup full and perhaps even overflowing. They will be able to give twice as much to others as they have received.

We also agreed that it can bring beautiful romantic love, brotherly love, sisterly love, and love onto others. A bountiful love and an important kind of love.

Family Day, originally created to give people time to spend with their families, also provides a day off in the three months between New Year’s Day and Good Friday, giving us a break from the dark days of winter.

Family Day is not a national statutory holiday as it is only observed in six provinces, however the other provinces have a holiday in February, but these holidays aren't called Family Day.

Things to do with your family on February 20th may include watching a movie, having a game night, have a family dinner, going for a bike ride, going skating or skiing, or make it a long weekend and have a mini vacation.

Whatever you do, or how you spend your time, be sure to share the love this Family Day!

Celebrate the 14th with your loved one, and forge deeper connections with your colleagues, neighbours and acquaintances.

Here's to love!

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The Office Pantry –
Everything You Need to Know

Having access for snacks and drinks is a perk that keeps employees going and hydrated throughout the day, so the key is to provide good healthy snacks that can be enjoyed by everyone, and to keep your supplies stocked at all times.

The snack area is usually located in your employee kitchen or lunch area, and it is important that the area is clean and accessible.

By providing areas for employees to prepare healthy snacks, there is less temptation to resort to highly processed, low nutrition options.

Office Kitchen Design Considerations

Whatever your space limitations, try to create an open, airy kitchen environment that allows employees to relax, both physically and mentally. If possible, the space should have natural light to create an open and stress-free zone.

If you can, have the area centrally located and easily accessible to encourage employees from different areas or departments to meet, socialize, collaborate and share knowledge of your business. Also, have open spaces to allow those with mobility issues to move freely and access the appliances and supplies.


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