June newsletter – Be Gracious

Posted by Mindy Tulsi-Ingram on 6th Jun 2022

June newsletter – Be Gracious

I was recently in Portugal and had a fantastic break. I feel refreshed and recharged. In all my inbound and outbound flights one thing was consistent - delays and how these delays took a toll on everyone including ground staff at every airport. It was not amusing or fun to see how stressed travellers became especially those who had connecting flights.

While we were in Frankfurt waiting to go through customs in the long snake line up that was forming a gentleman loudly bellows to all, “How do you all feel, that "this" gentleman has just jumped the queue”. I saw a lady break down and start to cry when she saw the line up. Perhaps it was that she would miss her connection.

It was also beautiful to see the hugs and tears of joy among people who have not seen each other. A young couple that was on the plane with us were super excited as their little girl was going to see her grandma for the first time. Grandma has only seen her on FaceTime, and she is now 2.

Air travel has changed a lot, from security protocols, customs check and the massive impact of COVID-19 pandemic. The toll of this stress is visible on everyone.
So, wherever your travels take you this summer, whether by train, bus, plane, or by car, be gracious. Everyone is deserving of your grace, patience, and gratitude. Promise you will have lots of smiles in all the pictures that you take. Make beautiful memories this summer.

And remember dad, this Fathers Day.

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Business meetings, in person luncheons and events including back to work with "soft opening” are all in the works.

What comes to mind is how we present ourselves in the new world. COVID is still rearing its head thus caution, care and cleanliness must be in the forefront now. And always.

Our business etiquette and how we present ourselves may have fallen behind with too much stay at home/work from home. So don't let your guard down. Here are some key ideas and habits to muster so you can shine.

  1. Smile. Smiling has incredible benefits. While we smile, keep in mind that your breath is fresh too. And that you do smell good. Did you know that on average women smile 62 times and man smile 8 times a day?
  2. Dress up. Leave behind sloppy clothing and sweatpants, even the top half dressed for virtual meetings. Add a dash of color.
  3. Please and Thank You. Remember grandma’s most valuable advice: please and thank you’s.
  4. Be forgiving. We have all been trying and have had a long run with COVID and the havoc it created. Dr. Marissa G Franco, Psychologist and Friendship Expert says that we have felt lonely, and this causes insecurity and over-analysis causing our minds to go into overdrive.

Go at your pace and whatever that pace is your etiquette should be up and polished.

Happy Summer! Enjoy those summer road trips, family vacations, be cautious and go slow. Remember to be kind and caring of others.

All my very best,