MAY Newsletter – A Toast to Auntie

Posted by Mindy Tulsi-Ingram on 4th May 2022

MAY Newsletter – A Toast to Auntie

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. It’s the one day a year where we all stop and reflect on the impact our Mothers have had on us. But what about the women who have had an impact on your life that aren’t your mother? More specifically, aunties.

Aunties are the best. They provide a fun and positive female role model for our younger generations; I don’t know about you but some of my most fond childhood memories are the ones I have with my aunties. One of the best parts of having an Auntie is that she isn’t your mom. Aunties have one of the strongest influences and you can go to them with anything and not be fearful of potential consequences.

You've probably heard these or said these words yourself.
"My Aunt is so much fun”
"My Aunt gets me more than my mom"
"My Aunt is always there for me whenever I need her. I can count on her".

My husband's cousins lost their mother when they were very young. My mother-in-law, Doreen and all their aunties stood up to the plate with love, kindness, care, and empathy to these three little girls. Although they knew they could never replace the girls’ mom, they did all that they could to ensure these three girls grew up knowing they were loved. My mother-in-law has been there for these girls every step of the way since, including hosting a wedding and providing even more support when tragedy struck and one of them lost their husband in a car accident.

Whenever I visit her home, I see gifts from these cousins that show so much appreciation and gratitude for having Doreen as their aunt. It’s wonderful to see how important the relationship is to both Doreen and the girls. Here are some of the gifts that I found in her home from them:

If you have an aunt like Doreen in your life, be sure to send them a special thank you this Mother’s Day. It takes a village to raise a child and aunties do their best in helping and supporting. We all love our moms; aunties bring another dimension in our lives. In many cultures aunts have ranks and are addressed differently- where it identifies the paternal and maternal relationships.

For example, in the Sikh culture, paternal and maternal aunties have different names. For example, the following are all aunties pending on their relationship to your parents:
Masi – ji - Mother’s sister
Bhua- ji - Dad's sister
Taiyee- ji - Dad's older brother's wife
Chachi-ji – Dad’s younger brother’s wife

It may be difficult to comprehend however I love this distinction as it identifies the relationship and gives new meaning beyond the word “aunt” or “uncle”. Being a Masi to my nieces and nephews has been fun and a different bond from that of being a mom. My son Aaron is blessed with 6 Masi's and so many aunties on his dad's side. It’s a privilege to have so many family members that he can rely on and to know that no matter what, your family has your back.

Without mothers there would be no aunts. This Mothers Day lets toast to our mothers for the gift of aunties who always make the medicine go down better.
So here, To Mothers who help create amazing aunties.

Remember to tell mom how much she means to you and tell her how grateful you are to have her in your life. No Mother’s Day is complete without an acknowledgment.

It’s no coincidence that Mother’s Day and National Wine Day are in the same month...sometimes moms just need a glass (or a bottle) of wine! If you are unable to celebrate with your mom or aunties this Mother’s Day, why not celebrate National Wine Day? National Wine Day is only a few weeks after Mother’s Day taking place on May 25th. Green & Green is ready for all of your Mother’s Day/International Wine Day needs. Treat your mom and your aunties to Rose’ all day, lord knows they deserve it.

Keep in mind for some Mother’s Day or Father’s Day is not a celebration. Be kind to one another, and if you have somebody in your life who is dreading this upcoming Sunday, be sure to reach out and give them some extra love.

Hopeful mothers. Burdened mothers. Accidental mothers. Bereaved mothers. Invisible mothers. Bonus mothers. Motherless mothers. Grateful mothers. Grandmothers. Stepmothers. New mothers. Spiritual mothers and every mother in between, I see you and I hold you in my heart today.

What you can do to have an impact on the people around you? Our Aunties and Mothers have taught us many lessons over the years and some of the most important lessons Mothers/Aunties teach us is how to show up for those that you love.

Thinking of the story of Doreen and her nieces, how can you show up in somebody’s life like that? The sad fact is, there is somebody in your life who is struggling right now. Life happens and can knock you off your feet. This May, be more like Doreen. If there’s somebody in your life who is going through a breakup, financial difficulties, or work problems, try to show to this person that you are here and you see their pain. Even if you don’t know what to say, the act of listening is often what people need the most.

Human kindness is needed everywhere. A fantastic way to give back this month is to provide support and/or appreciation for the group of people who kept us going throughout the pandemic, our health care heroes. Nurses Appreciation Week begins May 9th and boy do they deserve some appreciation! 

All my very best,