October Newsletter - Checking In

Posted by Mindy Tulsi-Ingram on 3rd Oct 2023

October Newsletter - Checking In

The leaves are turning and covering the ground with a blanket of colour. It’s fun to walk, swishing through the leaves, and kicking them in the air just like children do. The sun is shining, and spirits are high as we enjoy the beautiful fall days.

However, it’s not all “sunshine and roses” as the days shorten – it’s dark in the morning and dark earlier at night. After a long sunny summer, the days are becoming cloudy and darker and the rains are starting.

The cooler temperature can makes us feel agitated and unmotivated. The key is to get active – “when you are feeling down, get up”*. Don’t isolate yourself – connect with others and make the most of the day and season. Connection matters. October 10th is World Mental Health Day and this year the theme is Mental Health is a Universal Human Right. And rightly so - we need to check in on family members, colleagues, and friends. Strong ties provide us with happiness, security, and support. It can also provide a sense of purpose and a protective factor against anxiety and depression - Be social.

The green ribbon is the international symbol of mental health awareness. Wear a green ribbon to show colleagues, loved ones or simply those you walk past that you care about their mental health.

Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to give thanks to family and friends, to get together, to share a meal and to spend quality time. This is a great time for us to “check in” with others. When you ask others “how are you?” take time to listen to their response – not only their words, but their tone of voice, eye movement and body language. We all have personal struggles and often people put up a front and try to appear that everything is fine. Reach out, and most of all, make a connection.

Connecting is also critical to our business success.

5Tips for Networking

In-person meetings and events are in full swing this fall and here’s how to shine at the next networking event.

There is a reason it is called “net-WORK-ing”. It is an occasion for learning, discovering new ideas and opportunities. Mostly to make business connections.

Think of socializing and eating as secondary goals if they are part of going to an event. It’s a time to connect, communicate and collaborate:

1. Prepare before the event 
Have a strategy – what to attend, who to meet, and desired outcome.

2. At the event
Eat first, or at appropriate times so your hands are free for shaking hands or exchanging business cards. With the flu season, a fist bump might be more appropriate.

3. Introduction and Meet and Greet
Body language says lots and tells a story, so be aware of your body language and hand gestures. Be open to meeting and welcoming to encourage conversation.

When you are introduced to someone, make eye contact, and repeat their name to help you remember it. If there are business cards exchanged, possibly write a key word or reminder on the card to help you remember the person in future. Some people dog-ear a business card as a reminder to follow up with a VIP.

4. Conversation
Identify common interests.

Ask questions and listen actively. Repeat or rephrase what the other person says to demonstrate your interest and understanding.

Although you are hoping to promote yourself, your brand or your product, be sure to connect with the needs and interests of the other person to increase relevance.

5. Follow Up
After the event, follow up with your new contacts by phone or email so you don’t get “lost in the crowd”.

Stay and keep in touch. Invite them to one of your events or let them know of an upcoming event based on common interests.

Remember you only get one chance to make a good impression and make sure that you do.

Holiday Gifts

Holiday Gifts Check in – Have you started thinking about your holiday gift giving?

We just finished our photo shoot of new offerings and there are numerous delectable gifts to choose from.
Choose from our suggested groupings or snack boxes shown on our website or customize your own. Based on your budget, tastes, and recipients we can provide a gift to help you stand out and express your appreciation.

Client or Corporate Gifts
Show gratitude to your clients with a gift box to demonstrate customer appreciation or to recognize their loyalty. Depending on the client, your relationship, and your budget, we have something for you.

We have luxury gift baskets that include wine, cheeses, and gourmet food items. Or include branded merchandise and a wide variety of quality gifts or food items to “wow” your client and stand out from the rest.

Oops! To recognize a customer’s patience as a result of a problem or delivery issue, why not send a token of appreciation with a snack box or gift item to thank them for their understanding. What may seem to be a small gesture, will go a long way.

Acknowledge new business or referrals with a thoughtful gift tailored to the client and the occasion.

Employee Gifts
Delight your team when they open a snack box with delectable items selected especially for them. If there are specific dietary needs, we can customize the package based on your specifications and requirements. Treats for the whole office can go a long way!

Include a branded item and a personalized card with your company’s logo for staff appreciation events, bonuses for reaching sales goals, and other milestones or achievements.

Significant events to be recognized with an appropriate gift.
  • Onboarding gifts for new employees
  • Work anniversary gifts
  • Retirement gifts
  • New Baby gifts
  • Birthdays
  • Get Well Soon
Whatever the occasion, Green & Green has a gift for you. Our gift advisors are here to help you navigate your gift list.

Kick start your holiday giving with our Give a Gift and Get a Gift program

All the Best,