August 2021 Newsletter: Help is on the way!

Posted by Mindy Tulsi-Ingram on 13th Aug 2021

August 2021 Newsletter: Help is on the way!

August can sometimes feel like the Sunday of Summer. Vacations are coming to an end, school is starting soon, and many will be heading back to the office after a long period of working from home. Granted we are all feeling a little anxious as we have had to navigate through the pandemic and the reality of remote/virtual living.

When I was in school in Singapore, I was always anxious on Sunday evenings as I prepared for the coming school week. School was tougher in Singapore than Canada. Singaporean students have enormous workload and expectations for their success are sky-high.

Over time, however, I overcame the so called “Sunday Scaries”. I learned time management and got into the habit of getting ahead of my school workload. I trained myself to be curious and enthusiastic about my assignments. Some Sundays I found it difficult to summon the motivation to finish my tasks, but I realized the reward of being well prepared outweighed the drudgery of homework.

Even though I am not in school anymore, I still feel the pull towards the start of classes at this time of year. In September, I like to take on new projects and learn new skills. Even though many of you might not be in school anymore, you can still begin your school year with online courses or new hobbies.

And remember, summer is not over anyways! There is plenty of time to still get outside and have fun. British Columbia is blessed to enjoy beautiful weather up to late October, so don’t let the “end of summer” feeling get you down.

Two hikers were up on Grouse Mountain in North Vancouver, heading up to Goat Mountain. As the approach the last decent before they reached the chains up the next peak, they heard a faint cry for help. They stopped to listen and then they heard a blood curdling scream that sent shivers up their spine. That's when they called for the North Shore Rescue Society.


North Shore Rescue team at work

Since the incident, there was no news of whether the hiker was saved, found or rescued. So, what happened? When I heard the story, I googled to see if I could find out what happened that day. I was also creating different scenarios of what happened and of course each scenario ended with a safe and happy ending.

We do not know what happened that day and how it ended. What we do know is that the North Shore Rescue team is a team of approximately 50 volunteers skilled in search and rescue operations in mountain, canyon and urban settings. They have successfully rescued hundreds of wayward trekkers since 1965.

A not for profit organization that strives to save lost, injured hikers, skiers in the mountains risking their lives to save others. Every time you go into the mountains unprepared you endanger your life as well as the rescuers.

North Shore Rescue team depend solely on donations and do not charge for rescues primarily due to the risk of a lost or injured person or their family/friends delaying a call for help.

Please think of them when you are considering charitable giving this year. They offer a life-saving service in our community of the Lower Mainland. Any small donation will go a long way.

Company swag plays a crucial role in brand awareness and loyalty. It can be used for your employees, clients, and suppliers. All those who sport your merchandise become an inadvertent brand ambassador. Sales and marketing teams use these to items to drive sales and build brand awareness at industry events, trade shows and for clients.

For team members and employees, we have assembled a list of must-have branded items. Here are some ideas to keep in mind for your next order:
  1. Drinkware – Drinkware promotes hydration and is an important part of fitness. Especially when water fountains are closed due to COVID-19. Reusable bottles promote wellness and safety. Choose a coffee mug, water bottle or travel mug.
  2. Apparel - T-shirt/Sweatshirt/Fleece Vest and Jackets. Employees feel proud of their company and shows team unity.
  3. Headwear - Baseball cap or toque are perfect to suit the season.
  4. Notebook and sticky notes. Effective note taking is an important tool for recording and improving knowledge. Note taking serves as reference and retention - crucial for improving performance.
  5. Tech and Desk Items – what would world be like without technology? Provide items that are functional and useful. Powerbanks, USB sticks, cables holders and wireless chargers are great ideas.
  6. Bags – Why not provide a bag that your team can use. Take note that plastic bags are being banned and why not have a reusable tote whether it is a lunch bag, a tote or reusable cotton bag or drawstring bag or briefcase, we all carry stuff. Any of these make a useful, functional and sustainable addition to on-boarding gifts.
  7. Key chain – everyone needs key chain and it's one thing that always hangs around.
  8. Writing is one of the most important inventions of humanity allowing us to record ideas, history and discoveries. The French Government patented the Fountain pens in May 1827 and the Ballpoint pen in was invented in 1888. Mechanical pencil in 1906. Pens that write well are always appreciated.
  9. Snacks (health bar, cookies, chocolate, nuts, mints etc.) Snacking can be healthy with the right type of snack and everyone loves to snack.
Fun item – Add some fun in your gift. At my desk I have a hacky sack ball with bright colors as well as a wooden top made in India; sparkling and with brilliant colors. Or a mini planter that will give those tired eyes a break! Provide some whimsy for your employees with some unexpected items.

Every on boarding gift should include a welcome letter, company rules or policy and or core values/mission statement.  Additionally, when ordering these items, ensure that your logo placement on the items you choose are consistent and in line with your font and/or tag line.

At Snack Heros, we love to bring joy and flavour to your employees. Gift boxes can be shipped from coast-to-coast, ready to boost morale for your staff across the country. You can choose from a large variety of healthy and indulgent snacks and customize your order to meet your needs.

Snack Heros would like to put something fun BACK on the table, while keeping snack consumption safe for all! There are many snack food gift options that will delight, fuel their days, and make them feel cared for.
  1. The Big Snack Pack Attack for the In-Office Team. An enormous and exciting snack box with a large assortment of delicious products for your staff. Even if you are sharing your office space, all these items are packaged separately so that employees can bring them to their desks to enjoy them. This safe and explosive options will infuse some fun into the office and keep spirits high!
  2. Custom Snack Packages for Individual Desks - Welcome your staff by creating and distributing snack food boxes to each of their desks. The Snack Heros team can help you design the perfect little snack sampler, catering to all dietary needs.

We make selection and delivery simple. Take the extra step and customize these snack boxes with your branded and logoed items (tech accessories, drinkware and treats) to delight your team.

The holidays are near, and we would like to help you “wow” your clients, suppliers and employee with gifts that they will love.

Gifting is a key ingredient in building and solidifying relationships, but you need to plan your gifts in advance. Proper planning allows for customization of all your gift baskets and boxes to suit your budget, theme and corporate colors. Choose the best branded items and the most delicious snack packages.

Inventory and supplies have been a major challenge in the gift industry. At Green & Green our team is proactive and is able help you find the best of holiday gift ideas. There is still time to take advantage of overseas pricing for branded merchandise, customize your holiday gift boxes/baskets and snack packs and ensure that your holiday cheer is spread to one-and-all.

Couriers book quickly during the holiday rush - so placing your order early allows us to ensure it's delivered in a timely manner.

We are here to help you simplify your Holiday gift orders with our easy customization and tips to plan for a successful corporate gift-giving. Call 604-689-5027 or email to get a head start.


I hope you all find time to celebrate new freedoms in the sun. Best wishes as you reconnect with loved ones in the glory of summer.

Be curious and keep learning,