April Newsletter -Spring has Sprung

Posted by Mindy Tulsi-Ingram on 19th Apr 2023

April Newsletter -Spring has Sprung

Did you know that Elephants are the only animals that can’t jump? I was once asked this question: How does one eat an elephant? Answer: One piece at a time. A great analogy to encourage us to focus on the process and not the end goal. And to do this, we must break down our actions into tiny increments. I always remember that and try my best every day to remember to eat one piece at a time.

Lots of News to Share!

Spring has sprung. We see evidence of light, beauty and color bursting and shouting its birth and offers of …

1) We moved our office and are excited with our new digs. Our new address is 1122 South West Marine Drive, Vancouver.
2) I am reeling from the success and feedback from the lunch and learn at Vanex on March 29th. Thanks to all who attended and shared their day with me.


Joan Posivy - Host of Side Hustle Hero™ podcast, Bestselling Author, Speaker, Board Member
Thanks so much Mindy for a very interesting and insightful message on the power of recognition. I would highly recommend your talk to any leader, manager, and/or business owner who seeks to improve employee retention and job satisfaction.

Tom Brenner – Castle Builder Financial
I had a fun time Mindy. Very well researched presentation. My favourite part was the story about your father dancing.

Oliver Rathonyi Reusz – Owner of InView Images
Key take away...Marvelous Monday is a game changer. Everyone celebrates Friday - leaving work. You are suggesting celebrating BEING at work. Brilliant.

Recognize Hard Work and Appreciation this Administrative Professionals’ Day

Take the time to show your appreciation to the various admin people who assist you.

Here are some ideas for showing your appreciation:

  1. Give them a handwritten card expressing your thanks. Include a personalized gift box, a plant or flowers to brighten their day.
  2. Recognize them publicly. Treat them to a coffee and muffin to start their day and gather the team together; treat them to lunch, or give them the afternoon off.
  3. For employees working remotely, include a gift card to their favourite restaurant or send them a gift box.
  4. Spa Day – create a gift box of spa products, soaps and candles, or if the budget allows, a gift certificate for a local spa for some well-deserved pampering.
  5. Practical gifts such as house cleaning, grocery delivery, or a meal kit service are appreciated.
  6. Host a team breakfast or lunch to recognize each individual if you have more than one administrative professional. Personalize it by adding a snack box with their favourite items to take away.
  7. Give them a “personal day” off to enjoy themselves without worrying about work. (Make sure that the work is taken care of while they are away and they don’t return to a backlog.)
  8. Need help finding the perfect gift? Call us and we will take care of your admin team and ensure that they are recognized.

Spring Cleaning


April makes us think of Spring. Spring makes us think of Spring cleaning. What are the benefits of Spring cleaning, and should we spend a lot of time doing it?
Kathleen Vohs, a behavioural scientist at the University of Minnesota has provided her thoughts in the article linked below.
Her key findings are:

  1. People with messy rooms tend to be more creative.
  2. Don’t less the mess take over. Household chaos can slow you down.
  3. Tidiness = generosity. Tidy people have been found to be more generous.
  4. A neat house can have an effect on everyone in the household.
  5. You should start to worry if the mess is interfering with your ability to get things done in an efficient manner.


Let’s show gratitude to the people around us, put spring in our step as we leave our clean house, and enjoy the cherry blossoms and the positive vibes of Spring!

All the Best,

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