May Newsletter - Let's Celebrate

Posted by Mindy Tulsi-Ingram on 10th May 2023

May Newsletter - Let's Celebrate

Hey, its Mother’s Day and here is a toast to mothers!

I am enjoying the benefits of being a mom. It is wonderful to be part of your child’s milestones and life’s events. I am proud of my son, Aaron’s achievements, who has graduated and is making tracks in his life and career plan.

Most of all, I am enjoying his delicious cooking everyday. It feels like a chef has moved in. It’s lovely coming home to delicious meals everyday.

I am happy for him as he embarks on his journey to London, England, to pursue finance with Deloitte, and I am sad that he is leaving home again.

This Mother’s Day, take the time to reflect and thank the various women who have influenced you – mothers, aunts, sisters, grandmothers and yes, even mothers-in-law. Even if it is just a simple acknowledgement of their influence on you and your family, it would mean a lot to them.

Wedding Bells and Etiquette

Talking of milestones of your children, my client John Vickerstaff, of Network Bonding Insurance, shared his excitement of his daughter’s up coming wedding over lunch. He was so proud her milestones and is thrilled to see her get married. John shared about the sage advice he received from an 86 year old lady on how to act as the bride’s Father at the wedding She said that he only has 3 things to do... " Show up, Shut Up and Pay up” any deviation was doomed for disaster”

Congratulations to John and Lesley and their lovely daughter on tying the knot.

WAIT… there is more... we all love attending weddings and here are 10 ways on how to be an awesome wedding guest.

Being invited to a wedding is exciting - especially when the couple in question are people you are especially close with. But it’s important to remember that the day is not about you. The difference between a spectacular day and a stress-filled day, comes down to how the guests show up. You’re not the main character today, you’re playing the supporting role in somebody else’s story. It’s up to you, and everybody else attending, to make sure the lovebirds As have the most incredible day possible!

Show up in presence, in etiquette, in gratitude and in thoughtfulness.

  1. Put Your Phone Away!!!
    When the couple is standing at the ceremony looking out at everybody they love, they want to be able to see your faces! They want to witness the tears, the joy, the excitement, and none of that can be done when you’re hiding behind your phone screen. 
  2. Don’t Be Rude To The Vendors
    Now I know this one may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many times I’ve seen guests being unnecessarily rude to staff. While of course all of the vendors are there being paid to do a job, oftentimes they are all just as excited to be there celebrating as you are! We’re all attending as a collective to celebrate the love of beautiful people and nobody deserves to be treated badly.
  3. Pay Attention To The Speeches
    The speeches are one of the more personal and intimate moments of the wedding, where the couple can really step back and soak in the love and support that surrounds them.
  4. Follow The Seating Plans
    Seating plans are made for a reason, so don’t be that person and sit wherever you please...

Read more at Green & Green blog and be the best wedding guest!

Happy Mother's Day and Wedding Season.

All the Best,