December Newsletter - Invite Joy

Posted by Mindy Tulsi-Ingram on 4th Dec 2023

December Newsletter - Invite Joy

The time to be jolly is here and we can all agree that the recent past and constant change have brought forth a new global phenomenon where every single one of us has been affected.

We have had opportunities to reset, adjust, realign, and reinvent our individual worlds. We’ve found beauty within moments of isolation and the chance to reset clocks, routines, and habits. Every single aspect of my life and yours underwent an evolution and transformation.

December …. is here! It seems that the last few months have just flown by. Now is the time we personally thank those who have positively impacted our lives during the past year. Through our actions, cards, and gifts we share holiday messages and good cheer with those who are nearby or farther away.

Holiday parties, corporate events and tree trimming parties are in full swing, so grab your party shoes and let’s get ready for some fun and cheer. Shine at any event and wherever you go, your attitude and attire counts. And here’s how to

get party ready.
Thank You

As we embark on our 31st year of Green & Green, I am grateful to our clients, business associates and suppliers. Your projects, support, orders, feedback, and referrals allow us to continue to touch lives every day in a positive and caring manner. Together we help create and solidify business relationships by bringing delight to your employees, clients, families, and friends. Thank you for your trust in our gifts and services.

Grab a pen and start with your ‘thank yous’. WAIT, if your writing is not readable, please read how to craft a meaningful message and a heartfelt one to spread joy.

Remember it starts with you! Take the time to thank others for their hard work or loyalty. You will build, strengthen, and fortify relationships into the new year.

Embody the spirit of giving with gestures big and small, and you will be on track to have a magical holiday. Give to a charity, donate your time to help others, invite someone who is alone or far from their family to share your holiday meal or festivities.
A toast to you and all the best for 2024!
Let’s raise a glass to greet the new year and celebrate our friends, family, and loved ones. Whether it’s your family holiday dinner, a festive party or just a quiet time at home, cheers to you. Happy holidays and here's to a healthy and prosperous New Year from all of us at Green & Green.
All the Best,