December 2020 Newsletter: A Toast to YOU! 

Posted by Mindy Tulsi-Ingram on 4th Dec 2020

December 2020 Newsletter: A Toast to YOU! 

Oh what a year it has been, to say the least…

More than ever, it’s so important to reach out (while staying more than six feet away). It is my passion to help others convey their care - this passion drives our business and has allowed us to build the wonderful community that surrounds Green & Green and SNACK HEROS. We want to help you give meaningful thanks. Our relationships helped us through 2020.

Together, let’s enjoy light, warmth and joy this holiday season.

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Not sure what to give your staff or clients? Our Corporate Giving Handbook is here to help. Green & Green is eager to customize your holiday gifts to your needs, so give us a call at 604-689-5027 or email us at if you need guidance.

This Famous Picture Of India From Space On Diwali Is Fake—Please Stop  Forwarding It? | HuffPost India

Saying the right thing is not always easy. Holiday cards should be succinct, but also convey enormous care and good will. To help, we assembled a list of the best holiday greetings we have encountered over the years. Let the words of companies like yours guide you as you create your personalized holiday message.

Virtual events can be fun and interactive. Here are some ideas that we have worked on with our clients for their upcoming corporate events.

Cookie Competition

  • To share some holiday sweetness, consider sending sugar cookie mix with decoration supplies to all your staff. Ask each employee to make and decorate their cookies, holding a playful competition for best design! Make sure you have a prize lined up for whoever is crowned the Sugar Cookie King or Queen!

Cocktail Sharing

  • Send all your employees a recipe for a signature cocktail, along with all the ingredients and tools that they will need to create it at home. For your holiday party, you can all muddle your way through the cocktail mixing experience (see what I did there…) and enjoy them together during a video conference. This would be a wonderful opportunity to toast your employees for their wonderful contributions in 2020.

Fruitcake Fiesta

  • In the spirit of 2020, create an event where you make the best of something unpleasant. The Christmas Fruitcake is one of the most disliked holiday traditions, so why not ask your staff to try to create a more palatable version of their own devising? Not everyone is an eager baker, but those who volunteer to participate can showoff their creations in a video conference and the best looking fruitcake winner could receive a prize (like this gorgeous basket).

Whether you are still working in office or if your staff are WFH (working from home), SNACK HEROS has fantastic edible fuel to get you and the team through to the end of the year. We offer the perfect solution for office sharing snacks, as we can provide snack boxes where all the items are packaged individually, ensuring safe and sanitary nibbling. We can also customize snack boxes for home delivery, depending on your company needs and preferences. Connect with us to learn more about how we can keep your team’s snack needs satisfied.

We would like to raise a glass to you! If you’ve been with the Green & Green family for a while, you will know we take our champagne seriously around here.

Here is our toast to you, dear friends, family and loved ones:

Although we’ve encountered new challenges this year, we have made it through together. I feel a renewed sense of affection for each and every one of you and have been reminded of the power of community, mutual care and human perseverance. Thank you for letting me lean on you in hard times, and celebrate with you during moments of joy. Cheers to you, have a Happy Holiday and a Delicious New Year! 

 All my very best,