July newsletter – Dare to Dream

Posted by Mindy Tulsi-Ingram on 4th Jul 2022

July newsletter – Dare to Dream

My routines went awry with COVID, and I am trying to get back on track.

I know that I am not the only one whose healthy routine derailed. As I get back into a healthier lifestyle I have added some new activities like golf. Golf is a game of patience and practise. I love being outside and working at the game. It is me and the little white ball. Fun and frustration.

Need inspiration? Watch North Shore Betty. Make sure you see her super healthy sandwich that she is making.

North Shore Betty

At Green & Green…We love Babies

Meet Oliver and welcome him to the world. Wish him joy and happiness. Thank you to his parents for sharing this beautiful picture upon receiving the baby gift.

Babies are the best! My mother always said that “Yes you love your kids, however grand kids are simply the best. I am not a grandparent yet and having nieces and nephews and of course my son, has been an absolute joy.

At Green & Green we are the gift experts and here some tips to keep in mind for your next baby gift. While we all love to mark the arrival of the newborn with special gifts, it can be somewhat stressful deciding on that perfect gift.

In general, there are three main occasions when it could be appropriate to give a gift: at the baby shower before the baby is born, on your first visit to the proud parents after they’ve come home, and at the christening or naming ceremony.

So what could that perfect present be?

Most first-time parents would have purchased the essential items in advance. A gift of clothing or items for the nursery would usually be welcome. Practical items like receiving blankets, sleepers, T-shirts, onesies, crib sheets or a mobile for the crib etc. would be appreciated. If there is an older child, you could delight the older child with a special gesture to acknowledge his or her important role as the older sibling. You can provide a separate, handwritten card with congratulations on being a big sister or brother – from Mommy’s or Daddy’s office.

And remember the mom. It’s easy for all the attention to be on the newborn so some special pampering for Mom would be a nice change. A comforting bath or skincare gift set or robe would be great gift ideas.

Look out for our new baby gifts! Launching soon.

So, you have been invited to your company’s event

Keep in mind the following:

  1. Respond to an RSVP within a week by email, or if more formal invitations, in the same manner as the invitation.
  2. What should you wear? Dress well and in good taste. If casual dress, ensure that clothes are respectable, clean, and comfortable. For other Company events (BBQ, Beach theme, etc.) dress appropriately.
  3. Arrive on time and stay to the conclusion of the event if possible.
  4. If at the boss’s home, take a hostess gift and send a thank you note to the host within a week
  5. Notify the host of any dietary restrictions prior to the event
  6. Don’t drink too much alcohol
  7. Conversation should be on topics of mutual interest and involve everyone in the group in the discussion. Avoid politics, religion, and gossip.

Remember to have fun and Happy Summer!

All my very best,