January 2022 Newsletter - Engineering Generosity

Posted by Mindy Tulsi-Ingram on 11th Jan 2022

January 2022 Newsletter - Engineering Generosity

My father was a progress planner with the British Army during the British Occupation of Singapore in 1963.

He has been one of the greatest influences in my life and constantly inspired me to be more like him with his generous spirit. I grew up in a home where there was always an unexpected guest for dinner - His 10 kids were never surprised to come home to a tourist that my dad had met and that he/she was joining us for my mother’s delicious chicken curry served with hot chapatis.

My father was the epitome of kindness and generosity and without fail, he would offer help to others. Perhaps a lesson we all should learn from my father is to expect the unexpected and make the best of it.

Bringing These Lessons into 2022.....

My parents were big on harmonious living which was key with a household of 12 people. When each strives to do the same – joy and peace happen. This only happens when we are all on the same page. It was not difficult or neither did it feel that we had to climb Everest to get there.

With the physical barriers of work and home now gone, our merged environment becomes harder to navigate. We need to look at generosity and adopt a way of living that brings harmony whether at work or at home. This will benefit our mental well being especially with the ever-changing uncertainties with Covid-19.

I have had the privilege of being the Chief Gift Officer at Green & Green since 1993. Over the years, I have met many clients that have inspired me with their stories and generosity. Sharing their stories of generosity always inspires me to do more and I hope sharing the story of Miri Garaway does the same for you.

Miri Garaway is the type of person who thrives on doing small acts of kindness and helping those that are less fortunate. In 2001 she had the pleasure of volunteering her time at Porridge for the Soul under Brock Tully who you may know as one of the pioneers of “random acts of kindness”. Being a part of Porridge for the Soul and being surrounded by like-minded individuals with a common goal of helping others and spreading kindness helped spark her love for generosity and helping others.

Miri has always been a firm believer that we all need help, love, and support from others for us to fully thrive and function within society. Following a difficult fall, Miri had to put this belief into practice when she had to rely on her family and friends to lift her spirits and help her through the difficult recovery.

Incorporating Miri’s attitude and perseverance will make it easier to accept help when you need it and help you to incorporate the spirit of generosity into your everyday life. Especially as we head into another year with a pandemic weighing on our shoulders and sometimes, we all need some help.

If you were ever at the Trout Lake Farmers Market between 2003-2017, you would have seen Miri at her stall - Cookies By Miri. Miri got a kick out of offering every child a free cookie at the Farmers Market. The smile on each child’s face gave Miri a vivacious kick every time and Miri brought warmth to the market spreading the spirit of “family” and “community” with her delicious cookies

Thank you for your continued support all throughout 2021, we couldn’t have made it through without you. If you have enjoyed our gifts and services, kindly share what went well for your order/s.

This fuels and drives our team at Green & Green. We lead with our hearts and from our hearts and our clients are our hearts.

Christine Bullock

“Cannot say enough great things about Green & Green. They take all of our suggestions/thoughts/budgets and create the most wonderful boxes of goodies for our staff. Even during the flooding that happened in BC just recently - they went ABOVE & BEYOND to ensure our gifts were delivered on time and the presentation was phenomenal! So many good things to say about this company. We will be using Green & Green in the future, and I think you should as well!”

Pearl Wilson
Product: Sea to Sky - Platinum

“Everything was boxed so it was a surprise - but it was even better than pictured. Oh my!! Simply the best. I was trying to send something from BC to Ontario - but I had cards etc. to add to the package - otherwise I would have shipped it with Green and Green. They had it shipment-ready; bubble wrap and all!! Impressive.

The products are unique and amazing, but even better was the service and the care that these people take with the order. Thank you.
I have a regular basket supplier, but Green and Green will now be my go-to supplier for any kinds of gifts and baskets. I would highly recommend that you do the same.”

Lunar New Year begins February 1st. Bring on the Year of the Tiger! Celebrated in many East Asian countries, including China, Vietnam, Singapore and South Korea, this day marks the beginning of a New Year according to the Lunar Calendar and is celebrated for 15 days, or until the day of the Lantern Festival.

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Spice up 2022 - add a dash of generosity to your goals and aspirations topped with kindness and love. We can all strive towards a better tomorrow with the unexpected and make the best of it.

Here’s to a harmonious 2022!

All my very best,